Want to get licensed?

There are many ways to study and get prepared to take the test. We recommend using ham.study and watching the videos by HRCC.

Study along with HRCC videos on YouTube.

The Technicians License series can be watched here. https://hrcc.stream/techlicense

The General license series can be watched here. https://hrcc.stream/genlicense

Study using the ham.study app or website.

A good way to study is with the ham.study application. You can install the application on a phone or tablet, or you can use it on-line. So, if you don't want to pay the $4 for the application, you can just access it through a browser from any device, even if you're not connected to the Internet. If you access ham.study with a browser, it's always free, but you do need to Register with your email address for it to keep track of your progress.

In either case, you should create an account by "Registering" on hamstudy.org. Do not use Google or Facebook - register with an email address. This creates a free account that keeps track of your progress.

Once you've Registered for your account, do this:

Login to ham.study using your username and password.

Choose the Technician (2018 - 2022) exam by clicking on Technician (2018 - 2022):

Click on Study Mode:

Use the drop-down option in the top bar to change from All Questions to just T1:

Click on T1.

Now go through each question in T1, until you've Seen 100% of the questions, and your Aptitude is 85% or more.

Only then go to the next Sub element (T2).

Continue doing this with each sub element.

Do not skip sub elements.

Do not take practice exams until you've Seen 100% of each sub element and your Aptitude is 85% or more in each sub element.

The bar graph on the right will display your Seen and Aptitude.

If you have any questions about how to use ham.study, or questions about the questions and answers, just reply to this email. There's an explanation of the answer when you're in Study Mode. Just click on I don't know. The reason for I don't know instead of guessing is the app is designed to give you questions more frequently if you select I don't know instead of getting it wrong.

Once you are done studying for Technician you can so the same for General and Extra when ready. You would just substitute the appropriate element you are studying. All credit for this method goes to N0JI Bryant and Norm K6YXH. I have modified some of it to add some clarification to why you click on I don't know.